About Me

Why did you take career in Photography?

It first started as a hobby, then as i became proficient in taking pictures I chose a career in photography because every photograph i take is like a memory frozen in time, a time machine that takes you back to that moment. A moment of passion, a moment of excitement, a moment of surprise, a moment of laughter, it brings out the emotions that have been expressed at that time and with a simple click of a button in my camera i have captured all of it in a piece of paper.


How long have you been a photographer?

I had a point and shoot film camera since i was in highschool but i started making photography as a source of income last 2009, that was 3 years ago.


Did you attend a school in photography? Which one?

I took a course in Fine Arts and photography was one of the subjects that they teach in that course.


Did you assist anyone? How long?

I assisted some of my colleagues and friends up to this date. i also conduct workshops to beginners to familiarize themselves in taking a good photograph.


Who was the greatest influence in your career?

My Mom and Dad. They had an old Canon SLR camera and i had the pleasure of using it sometimes.


What kind of images do you shoot?

I love taking photos of landscapes and architecture. But if you want where the money is in photography, you have to do portraits and events like weddings, parties, ceremonies and even conventions.


How did it feel to see your work in print for the first time?

It was exciting! it really felt good that somebody appreciates my work. i stared at the print for hours and i saved it for future references.


How do you advertise yourself? And how often?

I usually hand out calling cards during events that i shoot, including a link to my online portfolio. Here is the link if you are interested in taking a peek, http://www.behance.net/deviruchisan. i also put posters on social networking sites for my workshops and photoshoots. I even hired professional marketers just to boost some of my projects.


Do you have a studio now or did you ever had a studio?

I do have a studio at home but the problem is there is not a lot of space to be creative. I prefer outdoors or areas where it won't limit your creativity. Although in the future, i plan to have bigger studios.


What has been your greatest reward?

The greatest reward for a photographer is when his works are cherished and appreciated by people because when they do, they will keep it for as long as they can. Forget the money and forget the glory because it will fade in time. but photographs that are appreciated will last a lifetime and that will be my greatest reward.


What has been your greatest challenge?

During the early years when photography had just been invented, they had rumors that it takes the soul of a person. I always try in doing that to my photos but not literally. I want to take the reflection of their soul and show their inner beauty in my photos. So be careful, i just might steal your soul. :)


What would you do differently today?

I'm trying to be creative. i have done levitation photos, stroboscopic photography and even photomanipulation. I always wanted to do infrared photography, i just don't have extra money to convert a spare camera that captures infrared, yet.


What would you tell a student of photography today?

Experiment and explore! Take a lot of photos and always bring a camera with you. take a photo in different angles and come up with all sorts photography techniques. Photography is only limited to your imagination.


What would you have to say positively about the industry today?

Photography is a passion. You will always have fun taking photos. That is a photographers weapon, fun in his arsenal of cameras.


What inspires you today?

Everything inspires me, even a single drop of water is inspirational. If you are able to freeze it in midair before it touches the ground that will surely be "a sight for sore eyes".


What would you like to do in the future to expand as a photographer?

Do a movie poster or be in the front page of a famous magazine.


How do you see yourself doing in 5 years in this business?

Hopefully i'll be able to establish a huge business in photography not just in my homecountry but also overseas.


If you have to travel and take photographs, which is the place you like the most?

I like europe! Namely Italy and France. There are lots of good architecture, lovely landscapes, culture and arts to capture in my camera.